After drying operations, some rolled fabrics are tested as sample; and after the necessary tests in accordance with national standards (3061 and 583) and final confirmation, finally, fabrics are delivered to the packing warehouse. Eventually, fabrics confirmed by laboratory are delivered to different units of packaging for different uses (gauze - cotton gauze - sterile gauze - band, etc.) in the hygienic environment free from any environmental pollutants.
1-packaging simple gauze
At this stage, first, the width of fabrics is cut proportional to the width of different devices in order to produce different 8 layer, 12 layer and16 layer gauzes. Then, the cut fabrics are produced and packaged with different dimensions for surgical gauzes by modern full machines made in Europe and in accordance with national standards 3061 in hygienic environment.
2-packaging cotton gauze
The production of this gauze is done like simple gauze in 1- 5 with the difference that in this stage, before cutting the fabrics by x-ray yarn are attached on the fabrics according to section 5-18 of Standard organization of Iran 3061.
3-Packaging bandage
The production of production consists of four phases:
A. Rolling the fabrics into lengths of 2 and 3 meters.
B. Vacuuming the bandage by cellophane and paper
C. cutting bands with different widths by 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, cm
D. the bands are packed in different packages
4- packaging sterile gauze
First, sterile gauze pads are produced in dimensions of 10 x 10 - 7/5 * 7/5 by folding gas; then, using the fully automatic machine and laminated paper, the packaging is done by six-row stitching around packages which ensure 100% safety of staying in a sterile gauze; and finally, using ethylene oxide, sterile is sterilized in a sterile chamber in the company; after sterilization, they will be sent to the consumer market

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