Bleaching and hydrophilic stage

Bleaching and hydrophilic stage
1. Roll the fabric
At this stage, after inspection, fist, fabrics woven in weaving unit are prepared in the form of 30000 meter rolls; and then, they are ready for curing and washing.
In the washing process, some minor starch substances are left on the surface of the fabric, so, by using bleaching process with oxidation-restoring operations and hydrogen peroxide and other permitted materials and temperature 130 ° C, these substances are removed from fabric; in this daily operation, cotton yarn devoid of fat; the fabric is ready for rapid absorption of blood. All textile bleaching and hydrophilic operations are done alkaline environment. Therefore, in order to control PH and converting the environment to a neutral environment, the environment is neutralized in several stages by water which its hardness is removed and it is quite soft and by the addition of authorized chemical substances and according to national standards 1247; and finally, PH of the fabric is recorded between minimum 6 and maximum 8 according to the national standard in 1951.
After rolling the fabric, to remove impurities of raw fabric, the washing operation can be done; this operation is done by using advanced machine called an autoclave and equipped with alkalis in the company.

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