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Safateb company, sample unit of Iran’s National Standard, have CE international standards and certificate of ISO13485, ISO 9001 and IEC 17025 / ISO. Also, it is a member of the World Quality Council of Europe. The company’s production line is activating with modern full automatic instruments under the supervision of engineers, experts and skilled personnel. Using highly qualified experts, the equipment and installation of new laboratories including chemical, physical and microbial laboratories and performing a variety of medical sterilization, it has been successful to produce products such as medical gauzes and sterile gauzes and ... .it has fulfilled his duties by testing the sent products by respected expert of Standardization Administration as lab partners of National Standard. It is worth mentioning that the laboratory of Safateb is the first laboratory in Isfahan which has received ISO / IEC 17025 certificate in the field of bandages and gauzes from National Accreditation Center of Iran (NACI). The company is the first and only manufacturer of bandages and gauzes with ring tissue; Products produced by this method will increase quality and decrease prices that this is the greatest benefit of this unit for the country and the Muslim Ummah. We wish we could have taken a step, however small, for the glory of Islamic Iran.

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  • factory address: Oshtorjan Industrial Park,streets XV, No. 200
  • Phone : 0098-3137608101-3
  • Fax : 0098-2155435596-9
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