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The company is proud of announcing that it is stepping forward the end of dependence on foreign countries, the policies of Iranian authorities; it is a small step but crucial based on economy. For this purpose, according to the company's internal needs in 1989, it took initial studies to buy machinery and obtained permission (licensing), as well as various approvals from relevant organs. In 1994, it started its official activities in order to produce the medical equipment used in hospitals. With development plan, first, in May 1997, domestic and foreign construction and the purchase of machinery were inaugurated with the presence of the president and were massively exploited. Safateb company, sample unit of Iran’s National Standard, have CE international standards and certificate of ISO13485, ISO 9001 and IEC 17025 / ISO. Also, it is a member of the World Quality Council of Europe. The company’s production line is activating with modern full automatic instruments under the supervision of engineers, experts and skilled personnel. The production includes gauze for bandage, X-ray gauze, Vaseline gauze, log gauze, variety of dressing bandage, bandage for burning, plaster bandage, variety of medical and surgical masks, hydrophilic cotton, eye patch, dental pad, alcohol pad, hypoallergenic adhesive pads and leucoplast.

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  • factory address: Oshtorjan Industrial Park,streets XV, No. 200
  • Phone : 0098-3137608101-3
  • Fax : 0098-2155435596-9
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